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1820-28-A1 # 4-20 mA Túlfeszülségvédelem/DIN sínre rögzíthető/Surge Suppressors L/L 28vdc L/G 28vdc DIN-1 Clamp/BOURNS

Rendelésre 4-10 munkanap
Raktárkészlet: NINCS
1820-28-A1 # 4-20 mA Túlfeszülségvédelem/DIN sínre rögzíthető/Surge Suppressors L/L 28vdc L/G 28vdc DIN-1 Clamp/BOURNS
38 700 Ft 49 149 Ft
  • 1820-28-A1 # 4-20 mA Túlfeszülségvédelem/DIN sínre rögzíthető/Surge Suppressors L/L 28vdc L/G 28vdc DIN-1 Clamp/BOURNS
  • Low peak clamping voltage even during severe current surges
  • Ability to repeatedly protect against surge
  • currents in excess of 10,000 amperes
  • Convenient mounting and grounding to any flat surface or to Din 1 (TS-32) or DIN-3 (TS-35) rail
  • Cable shields are passed through and may be either grounded or not grounded at the protector
    Vibration-proof screw-type clamp terminals
  • Flame-resistant epoxy-fi lled housing
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  • 1800 Series – Signal and Dataline Protector

    Bourns® Model 1800 Series Signal and Dataline Protectors are designed to protect sensitive electronic circuits and components from damaging
    surge voltages and currents. Their extremely fast response and low clamping voltages make them particularly suitable for the protection of
    signal and data lines associated with computer, data communication, instrumentation, broadcasting and industrial controls. They may be used
    directly with EIA standard interfaces RS-232, RS-422, RS-423, RS-485 and with 20 mA and 50 mA instrumentation loops. The Model 1800
    Series Signal and Dataline Protectors are fast, rugged and capable of protecting against fast rising voltage transients as well as the severe
    current surges associated with lightning discharges.
    Method of Operation
    Bourns® Model 1800 Series are heavy-duty, multi-staged protectors. A solid-state section intercepts the leading edge of the surge with sub-
    nanosecond response time. Within microseconds a 3-pole common chambered gas tube capable of handling 20,000 ampere lightning
    currents operates and crowbars the surge to ground. The protector remains in the crowbar state until the surge has passed and line voltages
    return to safe levels, then automatically restores the line to normal operation. There is no need for resetting a breakeror replacing a fuse.
    Protectors are generally placed at each end of a signal or data line or current loop. In the case of daisy-chain confi gurations (such as RS-485),
    protectors are placed at each node. The 1820 models provide both line-to-ground and line-to-line protection and are designed to use on differ-
    ential signals (such as RS-422 or RS-485) and 4-20 mA current loops. 1810 models provide line-to-ground protection for two separate circuits
    and are designed for use on ground referenced signals (such as RS-232) where the return wire is grounded at the protector. The 1811 and 1821
    models provide the same protection modes for high frequency applications
    Surge Life
    >100 operations with 200 Amps : 10 x 1000 μsec
    >10 operations with 10,000 Amps :  8 x 20 μsec
    DC Leakage Current at Rated L/G Voltage: <10 μAmps
    Signal/Data Attenuation at Maximum Data Rate: 3 db with 600 Ω termination
    Operating Temperature:  -40 ºC to + 60 ºC
    Response Time: 50 pico-seconds
    Wire Size: 22-14 AWG





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