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μPAC-7186EG # uPAC-7186EGD/Kontroller/MiniOS7/ISaGRAF, ICP DAS, ICP CON

Rendelésre 10-15 munkanap
Raktárkészlet: NINCS
μPAC-7186EG # uPAC-7186EGD/Kontroller/MiniOS7/ISaGRAF, ICP DAS, ICP CON
81 332 Ft 103 292 Ft
  • μPAC-7186EG-G CR # Kontroller/MiniOS7/ISaGRAF, ICP DAS, ICP CON
  • μPAC-7186EG CR # ISaGRAF based μPAC with 10/100M Ethernet (RoHS)
  • 80186, 80 MHz CPU or 80188, 40 MHz CPU
  • MiniOS7 operációs rendszer
  • Fejlesztő szoftver: ISaGRAF Ver.3
  • Ethernet 10/100 Base-TX (>> μPAC-7186EG)
  • Modbus Master RTU, ASCII, RS-232/485/422 támogatás
  • Modbus RTU/TCP Slave támogatás
  • Modbus RTU (RS-232/485/422) Slave
  • Modbus TCP Slave (nem a I-7188XG-nél)
  • Működési hőmérséklet: -25 ~ +75 °C
  • DIN sínre rögzíthető





  • μPAC-7186EGD-G CR # Kontroller/MiniOS7/ISaGRAF/LED, ICP DAS, ICP CON
    μPAC-7186EGD CR # ISaGRAF based μPAC with 10/100M Ethernet with LED Display (RoHS)


    The μPAC-7186EG Series (μPAC-7186EG, μPAC-7186EGD) is a palm-size PAC and includes ISaGRAF SoftLogic. It has one 10/100 Base-TX Ethernet port, one RS-232 port and one RS-485 port. The user can choose an I/O expansion board, X-Board, to expand the I/Os or memories of μPAC. μPAC-7186EG support Modbus Serial protocol, Modbus TCP/IP protocol, Modbus Master protocol, Remote I/O, Fbus, Ebus, SMS: Short Message Service, modem link, MMICON/LCD, ZigBee wireless communication, GPS application, FRnet, CAN remote I/O connection and user defined protocol.

    The I-7188XG series (I-7188XG, I-7188XGD) is a palm-size PAC with ISaGRAF SoftLogic. It has 2 Serial ports (COM1:RS-232/RS-485 & COM2:RS-485). The user can choose an I/O expansion board, X-Board, to expand COM Ports, I/Os or memories of I-7188XG and μPAC-7186EG Series.

    MiniOS7 Embedded Operating System (DOS-like)
    Embedded ISaGRAF Ver.3 SoftLogic
    Support IEC 61131-3 Standard
    Accepts max. 64 KB ISaGRAF code size
     CPU: Built-in watchdog timer (WDT) to improve the system stability
         80188, 40 MHz (for I-7188XG) Flash: 512 KB
         80186, 80 MHz (for μPAC-7186EG) 2 Serial Ports (RS-232/485)
    SRAM: 10/100M Ethernet Ports (not for I-7188XG)
         512 KB (for I-7188XG) I/O Expansion Bus Interface (support one X-board I/O expansion board)
         640 KB (for μPAC-7186EG)


    Models I-7188XG(D) μPAC-7186EG(D)
    System Software
    OS MiniOS7 (DOS-like embedded operating system)
    Development Software
    ISaGRAF Ver. 3 IEC 61131-3 standard
    Languages LD, ST, FBD, SFC, IL & FC
    Max. Code Size 64 KB
    Scan Time 5 ~ 100 ms for normal program 2 ~ 5 ms for normal program
    25 ~ 500 ms (or more) for complex or large program 10 ~ 125 ms (or more) for complex or large program
    CPU Module
    CPU 80188, 40 MHz 80186, 80 MHz
    SRAM 512 KB 640 KB
    Flash 512 KB
    EEPROM 2 KB 16 KB
    NVRAM 31 Bytes (battery backup, data valid up to 10 years)
    RTC (Real Time Clock) Provide second, minute, hour, date, day of week, month, year
    64-bit Hardware Serial Number Yes, for Software Copy Protection
    Watchdog Timers Yes (0.8 second)
    Communication Ports
    Ethernet - RJ-45 x 1, 10/100 Base-TX
    COM1 RS-232 or RS-485 with internal self-tuner ASIC; non-isolated RS-232 (TxD, RxD, RTS, CTS, GND), non-isolated
    COM2 RS-485 with internal self-tuner ASIC; non-isolated
    LED Indicator
    System LED Yes
    LED Display 5-digit 7-segment LED display for (D) version
    Digital Input
    Channels 1 -
    Contact Dry -
    On Voltage Level Connect to GND -
    Off Voltage Level Open -
    Digital Output
    Channels 1 -
    Output Type Open Collector -
    Load Current 100 mA -
    Load Voltage Max. 30 VDC -
    Hardware Expansion
    I/O Expansion Bus Yes, 1 (14 Pins)
    Dimensions (W x L x H) 72 mm x 123 mm x 33 mm 72 mm x 123 mm x 35 mm
    Installation DIN-Rail or Wall Mounting
    Operating Temperature -25 ~ +75 °C
    Storage Temperature -30 ~ +80 °C
    Ambient Relative Humidity 10 ~ 90 % RH (non-condensing)
    Input Range +10 ~ +30 VDC
    Protection Power reverse polarity protection
    Power Consumption 2 W; 3 W for (D) version 1.5 W; 2.5 W for (D) version
    Protocols (Note that certain protocols require optional devices)
    NET ID 1 ~ 255, User-assigned by software
    Modbus RTU/ASCII Master
    A max. of 2 ports: I-7188XG COM 2 ~ 3, μPAC-7186EG COM 1~ 3 (*). 
    (To connect to other Modbus Slave I/O devices)
    A max. of Mbus_xxx Function Block amount for 2 ports: μPAC-7186EG: 128; I-7188XG: 64.
    Modbus RTU Slave 
    A max. of 2 ports: COM1, one of COM2 or COM3 (*). 
    (For connecting ISaGRAF, PC/HMI/OPC Server and HMI panels.)
    Modbus TCP/IP Slave
    Ethernet port supports Modbus TCP/IP Slave protocol for connecting ISaGRAF & PC/HMI.
    μPAC-7186EG: up to 6 connections; I-7188XG: 0 connection.
    User-defined Protocol Custom protocols can be applied at μPAC-7186EG: COM1 ~ 8 or I-7188XG: COM2 ~ 8 using Serial communication function blocks. (*).
    Remote I/O One of COM2 or COM3:RS-485 (*) supports I-7000 I/O modules, I-87K base + I-87K Serial I/O boards, or RU-87Pn + I-87K High Profile I/O boards as remote I/O. A max. of 64 I-7000/87K remote I/O modules can connect to one PAC.
    Fbus Built-in COM2 Port to exchange data between ICP DAS's ISaGRAF controllers.
    Ebus (For μPAC-7186EG only)
    Used to exchange data between ICP DAS ISaGRAF Ethernet PACs via the Ethernet port.
    Send Email (For μPAC-7186EG only) 
    Provide functions to send email to a max. of 10 receivers with a single attached file via the Ethernet port through internet. If applying with an X607/608 X-Board, it could send Email with a single attached file and the maximum of file size is about X608:488 KB or X607:112 KB.
    Short Message Service
    One COM port (μPAC-7186EG: one of COM1 or COM3 or COM4; I-7188XG: one of COM3 or COM4) (*) can link to a GSM modem to support SMS. The user can request data/control the controller via a cellular phone. The controller can also send data and alarms to the user’s cellular phone. Optional GSM Modem: GTM-201-RS232 (850/900/1800/1900 GSM/GPRS External Modem)
    Modem Link Support PC remotely download & monitor the controller through COM4 of X504. (*)
    MMICON/LCD COM3: RS-232 (*) supports the ICP DAS MMICON. The MMICON is featured with a 240 x 64 dot LCD and a 4 x 4 Keyboard. User can use it to display picture, string, integer, float, and input a character, string, integer and float.
    Redundancy Solution (For μPAC-7186EG only)
    The slot0 of two PAC are plugged in one X107 and connect to I/O modules, one is Master, one is Slave. Master handles all inputs & outputs at run time. If Master is damaged (or Power off), Slave takes the control of Bus7000b. If Master is alive again, it takes the control of Bus7000b again. The change over time is about 5 seconds. Control data is exchanging via Ebus (if using a cross cable, there is no need of any Ethernet switch). All I/O should be RS-485 I/O except the status I/O in the slot 0: X107.
    CAN/CANopen (For μPAC-7186EG only)
    Use COM1 or COM3 ~ COM8 (*) to connect one I-7530: the RS-232 to CAN converter to support CAN/CANopen devices/sensors. One PAC supports Max. 3 RS-232 ports to connect Max. 3 I-7530 modules. (FAQ-086)
    Optional I/O Functions  (Refer to the ISaGRAF PAC I/O Selection Guide for I/O Module list)
    PWM Output
    Pulse Width Modulation Output All X-board series DO boards support PWM output. 8 channels Max. for one controller.
    500 Hz max. for Off = 1 & On = 1 ms
    Output square wave: Off: 1 ~ 32767 ms, On: 1 ~ 32767 ms
    Parallel DI Counter All X-board series DI boards support DI counter.
    8 channels. Max. for one controller. Counter value: 32-bit, 500 Hz 
    Max. Min. ON & OFF width must > 1 ms
    Remote DI Counter All remote I-7K/I-87K DI modules support counters. 100 Hz Max. value: 0 ~ 65535 (16-bit)
    Remote High Speed Counter I-87082: 100 kHz Max., 32-bit
    SRAM Expansion
    Battery Backup SRAM With an X607/X608 plug in the only expansion I/O slot. Data can be stored in X607/X608, and then PC can load these data via COM1 or Ethernet. PC can also download pre-defined data to the X607/X608. (for retain variables)  Optional: X607: 128 KB, X608: 512 KB
    * Note: The COM3 ~ COM8 are located in the optional X-board series if it is installed inside the μPAC-7186EG & I-7188XG.
    * ISaGRAF FAQ: www.icpdas.com > Support > FAQ > ISaGRAF Soft-Logic PAC
    * ICP DAS recommends using NS-205/NS-208 or RS-405/408 (Ring Switch) Industrial Ethernet Switches.  


















































































































































    μPAC-7186EG CR ISaGRAF based μPAC with 10/100M Ethernet (RoHS)
    μPAC-7186EGD CR μPAC-7186EG with display (RoHS)
    I-7188XG CR ISaGRAF based μPAC with 1 DI, 1 DO (RoHS)
    I-7188XGD CR I-7188XG with display (RoHS)



















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